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Would you like to take Japanese manners and etiquette lessons in English?
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Japanese manners and etiquette lessons



We offer both face-to-face lessons and online lessons.

We hear that people from abroad say Japanese common manners and etiquette is adored all over the world.
I'm proud that people from other countries think it the privilege to take Japanese manners and etiquette lessons from the Japanese manner school coach.
We can offer coaching for one client or more

As a present for people from abroad, please make the most of Japanese manners and etiquette lessons that offered by Dolce Finishing School.

Women are eligible for face-to-face lessons.
Women and men are eligible for online lessons.
The curriculum will be suited to your purpose and your goals. We can offer lessons about all of Japanese manners and etiquettes. Please let us know your purpose and goals in detail through “CONTACT US”.
If you an applicant, please send us an e-mail.
Face-to-face lessons are held only in Japan. Currently we don't have any overseas business trips.
If you need to get the diploma which certificate your taking our lessons in the manner school in Japan, we will send it to you.

We, Dolce Finishing School negotiate through e-mails only.
It’s a company policy to make a record of communication under negotiation.
While negotiating, the two parties still don’t reach an agreement.


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As contracting, your signature on the contract and transfer for lesson fee in advance.
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What is your purpose and goals for taking lessons? Please describe them in detail as much as possible.